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We're the first to know that side saddle riding is probably one of the more expensive and less accessible disciplines you can participate in with your horse. 

In a bid to make this discipline more accessible and less cost prohibitive to all, we have many beautiful, fully mounted side saddles available for hire for pony club rallies, lessons, shows/competitions, photoshoots, weddings, etc.

These saddles can be made to fit a wide variety of horse and rider types from approx. 12hh upwards. We also have what's called a 'pilch' available. In simple terms, this is like a pony pad/paddle version of a side saddle designed for the very wee tot riders and ponies. Most of the saddles are reinforced to be jumped/hunted in but if this is a requirement for your intended hire purpose, please let us know.

All saddles receive regular oiling and soundness checks to ensure upmost horse and rider comfort and are all insured. 

Hire fee varies based on a few factors:
- Intended Use
- Length of Hire
- Location
- Previous Horse/Rider Side Saddle Experience

Contact us today for a quote and saddle availability!

Traditionally when riding side saddle one wears what is called a 'habit', This consists of a jacket (not dissimilar to your normal competition/show jacket) and an apron, which is a modified skirt to hide the legs and show just the ankle and foot of that in the stirrup. 

We can have up to 7 habits or aprons available at any one time. Habits vary from size 8-14 approx. and are welcomed to be hired as a jacket/apron combo or apron only. Navy, Black, Grey and Tweed colours available.

Contact us today for a quote and habit availability!

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