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We offer a range of side saddle lessons from beginners who have never ridden aside before to those who have some miles under their belt.

Lessons can be conducted on your own property/agistment or ours. We have a beautiful post and rail fenced 60x30m sand arena (pictured below) available for lesson hire at our property in Broadford, VIC.

Side saddles can be hired for lessons or you're welcome to bring your own. If you choose to bring your own saddle, questions surrounding saddle suitability may be asked when you enquire as unfortunately there are very some not-so-safe side saddles out there and safety is of upmost importance to us.

Lesson cost varies based on location and whether or not saddle hire is required. Please enquire for a cost.

Screen Shot 2019-07-11 at 5.50.00 pm.png

Stacey is a registered PCAV Instructor for teaching side saddle and has taught hundreds of kids, ponies and horses side saddle riding at pony club rallies all across Victoria and Southern NSW. 

Side saddle lessons fit in with your normal monthly rally day with the exception of a whole club theory talk. The theory talks are normally conducted at the start of the rally and consist of the history of side saddle, parts of the saddle, proper dress as well as where you can/can't ride aside in Victoria. It is an important aspect of the day prior to the practical instruction.

Riders then split in to their normal rally groups and with our range of saddles we fit them to the horses and riders appropriately. Riders are then taught how to mount, the correct position when seated aside and how to ride side saddle through all paces (and sometimes even jumping too!).

Costing is calculated based on the amount of lessons/rally groups participating and club location.

Please message us with your club location and how many groups you envisage participating and we can provide you with a quote and available dates. 

***Please note that due to popularity we are almost fully booked out for pony club side saddle rallies for 2024. Select dates still available so please enquire for availability! 

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