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"Stacey has been instrumental in starting and growing my passion for riding side saddle. She has helped me not only learn how to ride side saddle, having never ridden nor sat in one before, but also improved my riding abilities through her lessons to enable me to compete successfully in shows on several different horses. 

Stacey has been incredibly generous with her knowledge and loaning out her gear. I certainly would not have had the opportunity to enjoy and participate in this sport without her continued help and guidance. I would definitely recommend getting in touch with Stacey if you would like to begin your side saddle journey or further refine your existing skills." - Weng

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"I have been interested in trying side saddle for years but had no idea how to approach the training of my horse or the specifics of what tack I would need to get started. I was lucky enough to attend a clinic with Stacey, where she was fantastic at explaining the fit of the saddle on my horse and was able to give me fantastic pointers on how to get my horse started and the difference in applying the aids. For anyone who is curious in giving side saddle a go I would highly recommend Stacey from Same Side Equestrian" - Jessica

"Stacey’s enthusiasm and kindness helped my side saddle dream come true. Through her selfless contributions of precious time, knowledge, equipment, and support I was able to experience the joys of side saddle. Despite long distance travel Stacey gave me my first few side saddle lessons. She loaned me her beautiful saddle to enable me to gain experience and support competitions and she encouraged me to jump in the deep end to purchase my first saddle from overseas. Thank you Stacey" - Kate

"Stacey has been an amazing support to me and my horse in learning the ins and outs of side saddle. I first met her in person at a side saddle day she held in Cranbourne VIC. Having such a wide horse made it a little tricky to fit a saddle but Stacey was able to make do so we could safely have a go. She made us feel so welcome and not the slightest bit worried about my own size. I really enjoyed the day, trying out side saddle and watching everyone having a go. Seeing Stacey on my girl and how well my horse took to it was such a good feeling. My horse isn’t the easiest to ride but Stacey had no issues. I will be getting one on one training to perfect our side saddle not only because she has the knowledge and patience needed for me and my horse, but because over the years I have watched her grow as a horse person. She is always willing to look into new and better ways of working with horses and how to improve. This is something I really admire and why I am looking forward to learning everything I can from her." - Cassie

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